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About This Procedure

As a designated Center of Excellence by the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, the New York Bariatric Group is always interested in providing our patients in Westchester with the newest, safest and most effective procedures in the field of weight loss surgery. Our surgeons examine and study innovations in the field of bariatric surgery on an ongoing basis.


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What Is Banded Plication Surgery?

One of the innovations that seemed to hold promise was banded plication surgery. The surgery was conceived to combine the technology of the adjustable gastric band with a surgical reduction of the size of the stomach. The surgeon would place the gastric band around the top portion of the stomach, creating a small pouch. The rest of the stomach would then be folded in on itself and held in place by sutures.  The expectation was that by reducing the overall size of the stomach, patients would benefit from accelerated weight loss compared to the gastric band alone.

What Results can I Expect?

So far, banded plication surgery has performed below our expectations, with patients seeing weight loss comparable to that of the gastric band on its own. Furthermore, some patients have experienced complications following the surgery. In light of its limited additional benefits and higher risk factors, it is difficult to justify recommending banded plication surgery at this time. As such, banded plication surgery should only performed in the context of formal study.

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