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About This Procedure

Thousands of people in New York have experienced the tremendous and life-changing benefits of gastric bypass surgery. They have seen their weight drop dramatically; their co-morbidities greatly improve or disappear altogether and have gained a far better quality of life. Indeed, the procedure has an excellent and long-standing history of successful, sustained weight loss.

Unfortunately, some patients have seen the benefits erode over time, as their weight crept back up, while others saw their weight loss halt too soon, well before they reached their desired weight.

Gastric bypass failure is most often the result of the gastric pouch and the connection between the pouch and the small intestine stretching over time. This leads to the patient being able to eat larger amounts of food and the rate of digestion accelerating.  Therefore, weight loss stalls or significant weight is gained back.


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What Is Band Over Bypass Surgery?

Band over bypass surgery can be performed laparoscopically, even if your original bypass surgery was not. The procedure utilizes the adjustable gastric band as a revisional measure to address failing gastric bypass. It involves the surgeon affixing an inflatable silicone band around your stomach pouch. The band is connected to a small port just below the skin.

How Does it Work?

The gastric band effectively constricts the stomach pouch, returning its capacity closer to what it was immediately following the initial gastric bypass. It also helps to constrict the stoma or the opening between the pouch and the small intestine. After the surgery, your weight loss should resume at a rate similar to that of a patient who has received the gastric band as an initial bariatric procedure.

What are the Benefits?

Although results will vary for each patient, typically, patients can expect to lose weight at a rate of approximately one pound per week or 50 to 60 pounds in the first year. You will find you have a renewed focus on weight loss and achieving your health goals.

Because band over bypass surgery is less invasive than surgically altering the gastric bypass, there are fewer side effects and risks associated with it. The recovery is also much faster that with traditional revision surgeries.

Since the gastric band is adjustable, the tightness can easily be altered in the office by adding or removing saline solution according to your unique needs.  The first adjustment is usually scheduled for 5 weeks after the surgery and further adjustments can take place during subsequent return visits.

What are the Risks?

Despite the lower risk factors associated with band over bypass surgery compared to traditional forms of revision surgeries, it is important to keep in mind that there are some risks associated with any form of major surgery. Some of the risks associated with band over bypass surgery include erosion of the gastric band, the band slipping out of position, the formation of blood clots, infection, respiratory problems or bleeding.

Is There a Follow-Up Plan?

The plan we put in place following your surgery will be critical to ensure you achieve your weight loss goals and that the weight stays off. You can count on the doctors and staff at the Westchester office of New York Bariatric Group as a life-long resource. Your aftercare program will include a comprehensive plan to help you with your recovery and to establish a healthy and positive lifestyle.

The dietary restrictions following band over bypass surgery are the same as if you had gastric band surgery. At first, you will only be able to eat soft, mushy or pureed foods. After 4 weeks, you will be able to reintroduce solid foods.  Your portions will need to be smaller and your food choices will need to emphasize proteins.

We will also recommend that you include regular exercise in your lifestyle. Being active has positive effects on mobility, overall health and virtually every one of your body’s organs.

Your doctors will want to follow up with you on a regular basis after the surgery. These return visits will be crucial in assessing your progress, making any necessary adjustments to your gastric band and ensuring your weight loss progresses and is sustained. It is in your best interest to keep those follow up appointments to ensure the best possible results from your band over bypass procedure.

If you haven’t gotten the results you had hoped for from your gastric bypass surgery, contact the Westchester office of New York Bariatric Group today to find out if band over bypass surgery is right for you.

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